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Famous Frontiersmen and Heroes of the Border

Their Adventurous Lives and Stirring Experiences in Pioneer Days

Charles Haven Ladd Johnston

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Famous Frontiersmen and Heroes of the Border is a collection of biographies of valiant and daring adventurers, who were among the early settlers of the Wild West. These men were real scouts and trappers, for they lived in the wilds and had to know how to shoot a rifle; how to trap; and how to camp in whatever place night happened to overtake them. Biographies presented in this book are accurate histories of several important frontiersmen and heroes of the border. These stories are all true and are vouched for by early historians. Contents: Daniel Morgan: The Famous Virginian Rifleman, and His Adventures with the Indian Bear James Harrod: Founder of Harrodsburg, Kentucky, and Famous Scout of the Frontier Robert McLellan: Pluckiest of the Early Pioneers Colonel Benjamin Logan: The Intrepid Fighter of the Kentucky Frontier George Rogers Clarke: Famous Leader of the Borderland of Kentucky John Slover: Scout under Crawford and Hero of Extraordinary Adventures Lewis Wetzel: Heroic Virginia Frontiersman and Implacable Enemy of the Redskins Samuel Colter: And His Wonderful Race for Life Meshack Browning: The Celebrated Bear Hunter of the Alleghanies "Bill" Bent: Hero of the Old Santa Fé Trail Thomas Eddie: The Last of the Old School Trappers Jim Bridger: Founder of Bridger, Wyoming, and Famous Indian Fighter "Old Bill" Williams: The Famous Log Rider of Colorado "Big Foot" Wallace: Noted Ranger on the Texan Frontier Captain Jack Hays: Famous Texan Ranger and Commander of Valiant Border Fighters Bill Hamilton: Famous Trapper, Trader, and Indian Fighter Uncle Job Witherspoon: And His Exciting Adventures with the Blackfeet Henry Shane: Heroic Scout of the plain of Teas Poor Jerry Lane: The Lost Trapper of Wyoming The Song of the Moose

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