Not Without You

Harriet Evans

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Absorbing storytelling at its very best. An intriguing and compelling read from the Sunday Times bestselling author.'An elegant, fun page-turner' Red'You'll race through the pages to find out what happens' HeatIf you don't learn from history ...You're destined to repeat it.Sophie Sykes hasn't been called by her real name in years. Since she hit the big time, she's been LA movie star Sophie Leigh, forgetting all about her old life back in England. But in the process of leaving everything behind, she's lost something of herself, too.Eve Noel didn't choose her own name. Ever since her Hollywood star rose in the 1950s, she was told what to wear, when to smile, who to love. Until one day, she simply vanished: no-one knew where she went, or why...As Sophie's picture-perfect world begins to crumble, it seems her life might be linked to Eve's. As past and present collide, Sophie must unravel the mystery around Eve's disappearance to save them both - but is she already too late.

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