Alexander Masters

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Belletristik / Romanhafte Biographien


'Stuart does not like the manuscript. He's after a bestseller, "e;like what Tom Clancy writes"e;. "e;But you are not an assassin trying to frazzle the president with anthrax bombs,"e; I point out. You are an ex-homeless, ex-junkie psychopath, I do not add.'This is the story of a remarkable friendship between a reclusive writer ('a middle-class scum ponce, if you want to be honest about it, Alexander'), and Stuart Shorter, a homeless, knife-wielding thief. Told backwards - Stuart's idea - it starts with a deeply troubled thirty-two-year-old and ends with a 'happy-go-lucky little boy' of twelve. This brilliant biography, winner of the Guardian First Book Award, presents a humbling portrait of homeless life, and is as extraordinary and unexpected as the man it describes.

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Alexander Masters
Alexander Masters
Alexander Masters
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