Modern Romance December 2022 Books 5-8

Caitlin Crews, Chantelle Shaw, Lucy King, et al.

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Sensual, Spicy, and Scandalous Romances from Mills & BoonHis Pregnant Desert QueenMaya BlakeShock bride, surprise baby!Playboy and spare heir, Prince Javid never dreamed of ruling, and he certainly never imagined needing a convenient marriage to lady-in-waiting, Anais, to take his crown! Only their honeymoon sparks much more than their arrangement promised...including a shocking consequence!The Accidental Accardi HeirCaitlin CrewsThe night that bound them!Proud, dutiful Ago is quick to make amends to his brother's jilted bride Victoria. But he intended only to apologise, not to take the beautiful heiress to bed! Now, months later the Italian hears Victoria's shocking news... She's having his child!A Baby Scandal in ItalyChantelle ShawHer life-changing bombshell!Penniless Ivy is shocked to discover she's exposed the wrong man as her orphaned nephew's father! Now, to stop the truth from ripping Rafael's life apart, Ivy must wear his ring...and bind them all together!Stranded with My Forbidden BillionaireLucy KingIn paradise...with my brother's best friend!When I won millions in the lottery, I knew super-rich financier Nick was the only person I could rely on to help me. But when a tropical storm on his island has us stuck together - indefinitely - how long can we control our dangerously growing attraction?

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