College Football Traditions and Rivalries

Chants, Pranks, and Pageantry

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A must-have for football fans of all ages, this handsomely designed gift book is a comprehensive illustrated guide to the greatest traditions and rivalries in college football.Every Saturday each fall, millions of Americans watch their favorite college teams take to the gridiron, battling to make it to the coveted national championship bowl game in January. From the Cornhuskers of the University of Nebraska to the Nittany Lions of Penn State, the USC Trojans to Alabamas Crimson Tide, the University of Michigan Wolverines to the Clemson Tigers, each school has its own traditions, trivia, and rivalries.This concise, illustrated handbook is a collection of the past and present lore of college footballs major teams for both novices and diehard followers alike. Focusing on the top schools from each division, this handy guide contains original full-color illustrations that showcase the biggest traditions and rivalries in the sport, along with a short description and fun trivia. Learn about the pink visitors locker room at Iowa State, the prisoner exchange preceding the annual ArmyNavy showdown, and the University of Miami teams dramatic smoke-filled stadium entrance. The book also includes a special section of quick facts on some other schools that werent fully featured.Fascinating and informative, filled withseventy full-color illustrations, College Football Traditions and Rivalries is a must for every college football fan.

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