Atlas of pediatric emergency medicine

Michael Lucchesi Binita R. Shah

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Klinische Fächer


This is a practical hands-on tool for fast, accurate clinical diagnosis in pediatric emergencies. Pediatric patients can represent as much as 15-35 per cent of all Emergency Department visits. "e;Atlas Of Pediatric Emergency Medicine"e; comes to the rescue of harried ED clinicians, providing a quick-access sourcebook packed with visual clues to infant/child injuries and illnesses presenting in emergency situations.Doctors Shah and Lucchesi have combined an extraordinary number of the clearest and best clinical photographs and imaging examples with practical, straightforward text. It`s a winning combination that expedites both diagnosis and the appropriate procedures for dealing with pediatric trauma and disease. "e;Atlas Of Pediatric Emergency Medicine"e; puts at your fingertips: 700 top-quality color clinical photographs - plus 100 imaging studies that include X-rays, CT scans and more - making it the single most comprehensive visual compilation available for diagnosing pediatric emergencies; comprehensive coverage of disorders of all body systems; and, authoritative, experienced guidance.It`s been edited, compiled and largely written by two distinguished experts - one a physician peer-evaluated as one of the finest clinicians and teachers in Emergency Medicine today, the other the overseer of one of the largest, busiest EDs in the United States. Consistent formatting is designed to provide immediate access to clinical features, differential diagnosis, consultation, treatment and disposition, complications, and clinical pearls. It is a superb preparation tool for board exams and subspecialty certification, and an unparalleled resource for every medical professional, from ED clinicians and physicians in family or pediatric practice to Nurse Practitioners and Paramedics.

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