Emergency Response Planning

For Corporate and Municipal Managers

Paul A. Erickson

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Emergencies wreak havoc on businesses and governments on a daily basis. Whether it is a hurricane pounding a coastal community, a terrorist attack on a company's headquarters, or a hazardous chemical spill at a local school, the results can be loss of life, health, and property. How can you prevent or reduce the effects of such occurrences? By planning ahead.Emergency Response Planning is designed to help corporate and municipal managers quickly understand their roles in proactive and reactive emergency management. Author Paul Erickson shows how to develop partnerships with federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as community groups in order to prevent, prepare for, and respond to natural disasters and manmade emergencies.Emergency Response Planning provides essential information to help you comply with government regulations, design an emergency response plan, train personnel, use the proper safety equipment, safeguard information systems, and resume normal operations after an emergency as quickly as possible. It will also help consultants design emergency response plans for their clients, and provide practical information for students studying business continuity and emergency issues.Is an important resource for: Corporate and municipal managers involved in emergency managementOrganizational safety committee membersIndustrial health and safety consultants and their clientsGraduate and undergraduate students studying emergency response issuesOutlines both proactive and reactive strategies to reduce risk to human life, health, and propertyDescribes how to form effective partnerships with government agencies and community support resourcesDefines the roles of corporate and municipal managers, planning team members, and response personnelExplains regulations and guidelines from key agencies including OSHA, EPA, FEMA, CDC, US Fire Administration, and moreMakes information easy to understand with dozens of tables, illustrations, and appendices

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