Nonmammalian Genomic Analysis

A Practical Guide

Bruce Birren (Hrsg.), Eric Lai (Hrsg.)

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Offering detailed protocols for those needing to construct a variety of maps and isolate genes, this unique book is intended to popularize the new techniques of genome analysis derived from the Human Genome Project. The power of these new methods is often most striking when applied to problems outside of human genetics, particularly the nonmammalian systems on which many researchers focus. Many of these organisms are economically important and biologically rich.Nonmammalian Genomic Analysis: A Practical Guide covers the "e;how to"e; aspects of preparation, handling, cloning, and analysis of large DNA and the creation of chromosome and genome maps. This lab manual facilitates the transfer of these technologies to small "e;low tech"e; environments and allows them to be used by those with no background in genome mapping or large-fragment cloning. Like having a local expert, this collection provides procedures for anyone, anywhere, and allows the replication of others' success.Includes detailed and clearly-written step-by-step protocolsEvinces expected results and offers trouble shooting adviceProvides techniques appropriate for small laboratories as well as those with limited resourcesCovers a broad variety of cloning systems, including single copy vectorsDiscusses a diverse range of organisms, from prokaryotes to eukaryotes, from single-celled organisms to highly complex organisms

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