Contemporary Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism

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Kinetic studies of enzyme action provide powerful insights into the underlying mechanisms of catalysis and regulation. These approaches are equally useful in examining the action of newly discovered enzymes and therapeutic agents. Contemporary Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanism, Second Edition presents key articles from Volumes 63, 64, 87, 249, 308 and 354 of Methods in Enzymology. The chapters describe the most essential and widely applied strategies. A set of exercises and problems is included to facilitate mastery of these topics. The book will aid the reader to design, execute, and analyze kinetic experiments on enzymes. Its emphasis on enzyme inhibition will also make it attractive to pharmacologists and pharmaceutical chemists interested in rational drug design. Of the seventeen chapters presented in this new edition, ten did not previously appear in the first edition.Transient kinetic approaches to enzyme mechanismsDesigning initial rate enzyme assayDeriving initial velocity and isotope exchange rate equationsPlotting and statistical methods for analyzing rate dataCooperativity in enzyme functionReversible enzyme inhibitors as mechanistic probesTransition-state and multisubstrate inhibitorsAffinity labeling to probe enzyme structure and functionMechanism-based enzyme inactivatorsIsotope exchange methods for elucidating enzymatic catalysisKinetic isotope effects in enzyme catalysisSite-directed mutagenesis in studies of enzyme catalysis

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