Bond 11+: Bond 11+ 10 Minute Tests English 9-10 years

Sarah Lindsay

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This new edition of the Bond 11+ English 10 Minute Tests now includes fully explained answers in the pull-out centre section. Used with the English 11+ Handbook, Assessment Papers and other supporting Bond titles, the 10 Minute Tests offer focused practice for the 11+ at home. The tests cover all the core 11+ question types that your child will experience in their actual exam. Working through the book helps to target the areas children need more support with andbuild their skills and confidence. There are also fun puzzles to help keep children engaged whilst reinforcing exam skills. Providing bite-sized practice of key English skills, these age-ranged, essential study guides really help children to succeed. Bond is the number 1 provider of 11+ practice, helping millions of children pass selective entrance exams.

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