The Triathlon Training Book

How to be Faster, Smarter, Stronger

James Beckinsale

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Raise your game and swim faster, run faster and cycle faster with The Triathlon Book, the one-stop reference for every triathlete.

Find all the essentials you need to improve your performance: clear, customisable training plans for all triathlon distances from pool-based races to Ironman level. Step-by-step exercises help to build your strength and stamina, plus expert advice on race day strategy detailing everything from motivation and reducing transition times, to nutrition, kit and equipment. Tailor your training to your own individual needs with self-assessment questionnaires and customisable training plans so you can reach your goals. The Triathlon Book can also help when things go wrong, offering trustworthy advice on treating common triathlon injuries and maintaining a healthy body.

Whether you're a novice or an Ironman, let The Triathlon Book show you how to train safely and effectively to reach your full potential as a triathlete.

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