The Feel Good Fix

Boost Energy, Improve Sleep and Move More Through Menopause and Beyond

Lavina Mehta MBE

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Ratgeber / Gesundheit


The Feel Good Fix is specifically designed to improve your health in perimenopause, menopause and beyond, offering quick, fun and effective bitesize exercise, as well as mind and lifestyle ‘snacks’ to make you feel good, both physically and mentally.

Balancing work, home, life and family pressures, alongside the host of symptoms you might experience in menopause, can be overwhelming, so personal trainer Lavina Mehta’s advice in this book is anything but. Lavina uses the latest research and her Feel Good toolkit can have a powerful effect on your energy levels, mood and fitness in only eleven minutes a day. Exercise snacks (not food, but a short period of activity) can easily be integrated into our busy routines, but still have the power to create a significant impact on our health by helping you to move more, discover calm and live well.

No equipment, no special clothes, no experience needed. Just a few minutes to spare and the willingness to pick ’n’ mix a few squats, time in nature, selfcare or breath snacks into your day to get your daily fix!

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