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The War and the Women

Israel Zangwill

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Electricians divide bodies by the resistance they offer to the passage of electric force as calculated in ohms. Humanity may be divided into classes by the resistance they offer to new ideas. The Americans, for example, have a small ohmage, the English a high. Judged by the evolution of their women, old countries like Sweden and Finland are less resistant than even the New World. In Eng land woman has not moved a step in any direction without a hue and cry. Tragical is the story of the first medical pioneers, and equality with the man physician is even yet not won, though every new female doctor is now hailed as a godsend by the male millions engaged night and day in making work for her. The lost volts is the pathetic name for the units of electricity wasted through resistance. What a ghastly waste of human force this British bulldoggedness is answerable for!

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