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Tears of Ice or The Stolen Life

Eva Siebenherz

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Sachbuch / Biographien, Autobiographien


Tears of Ice is the remarkable manuscript of a woman who has not invented anything, but has lived through everything she writes about. The Germans' interest in the activities of the GDR regime and the fate of the citizens affected by it became clear with the extremely successful and now Oscar®-awarded feature film "The Lives of Others". However, other shocking machinations, such as forced adoptions in the GDR, which are the subject of this book, are still a relatively unknown topic. Initial reactions from people and the media who hear about this topic show great concern and the idea of bringing this topic to the public. In the first of the three parts, the documentary narrative tells us about a milieu study of the GDR, which Eva, the protagonist of the book, experiences in an ambivalent childhood. The idyllic moments in the grandmother's house do not last long, everyday life with a mother incapable of love and without a father is hard.

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