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Taking Him Down - Lgbt Adventure - A Journey to Disgrace

Mason Carstairs, Merrick Scanlon, Kurt Steiner, et al.

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Men who enter into a world of service to the female - UNWILLINGLY - are the theme of these three books (two of them illustrated) on the subject of the imperious and commanding woman. A husband has the life he loves taken from him by his wife and her lover; a depressed and divorced man wanders into a Soho club and finds himself welcomed by two dominant women packing something VERY different; while in a retro tale of Victorian dominance, a wealthy English traveller cruising the Far-East finds himself in a mesmeric thrall to an Indian mother and her stepdaughter that is about to become even more… BINDING! Exotic and erotic, female-led fiction for the devotees of literature's most dominant, depraved, and demanding heroines.

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