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How Young Holocaust Survivors Rebuilt Their Lives

France, the United States, and Israel

Francoise S. Ouzan

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


Drawing on testimonies, memoirs, and personal interviews of Holocaust survivors, Françoise S. Ouzan reveals how the experience of Nazi persecution impacted their personal reconstruction, rehabilitation, and reintegration into a free society. She sheds light on the life trajectories of various groups of Jews, including displaced persons, partisan fighters, hidden children, and refugees from Nazism. Ouzan shows that personal success is not only a unifying factor among these survivors but is part of an ethos that unified ideas of homeland, social justice, togetherness, and individual aspirations in the redemptive experience. Exploring how Holocaust survivors rebuilt their lives after World War II, Ouzan tells the story of how they coped with adversity and psychic trauma to contribute to the culture and society of their country of residence.

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World War II, Repairing the Self, Diaspora, integration, Jewish children, Repairing the world, concentration camp survivors, hidden children, Transnationalism, immigration laws, Displaced persons, "Build and be built", coping mechanisms, Jewish identity, Social Impact, Redemptive Narratives, concentration camp, Survivors, survivors, Tikkun, antisemitism, Assimilation, Rehabilitation, Holocaust