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New Directions in Development Ethics

Essays in Honor of Denis Goulet

Charles K. Wilber (Hrsg.), Amitava Krishna Dutt (Hrsg.)

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Development ethics is a growing discipline that deals both academically and practically with the moral assessment of the ends, means, and processes of development. The essays in this collection honor and build on the pioneering work of Denis Goulet (1931–2006), arguably the founding father of development ethics. This book offers a coherent, systematic examination of new directions in the field and features contributions from some of the leading scholars in development ethics and economic development. The introduction provides a brief history of Goulet’s life and work, as well as the genesis of development economics and development ethics. The essays in New Directions in Development Ethics are organized in three parts: the nature of development ethics in light of philosophical and religious traditions; applications of development ethics to economic analysis and growth, technological change, violent conflict, and globalization; and the practice of development ethics.

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