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Theological Territories

A David Bentley Hart Digest

David Bentley Hart

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


In Theological Territories, David Bentley Hart, one of America’s most eminent contemporary writers on religion, reflects on the state of theology “at the borders” of other fields of discourse, including metaphysics, philosophy of mind, science, the arts, ethics, and biblical hermeneutics. The book advances many of Hart’s larger theological projects, developing and deepening numerous dimensions of his previous work. Theological Territories constitutes a manifesto regarding the manner in which theology should engage other fields of concern and scholarship.

The essays within this volume are divided into five sections: the nature of theology, the relations between theology and science, the connections between gospel and culture, the literary representations of and engagements with transcendence, and the New Testament. Hart responds to influential books, theologians, philosophers, and poets, including Rowan Williams, Jean-Luc Marion, Tomáš Halík, Sergei Bulgakov, Jennifer Newsome Martin, and David Jones. Drawn from live lectures delivered in various settings, these essays show how Hart’s mind works with the academic veneer of more formal pieces stripped away. Theological Territories contains new and expanded material previously unpublished by Hart and will appeal to both academic and non-academic readers interested in the place of theology in the modern world.

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