Notes on Feminism

Being a woman in a Church led by men

Lauren Windle

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Can I truly be a feminist and still go to church - not just in theory but in practice? Can I speak up in a religion that has a history of silencing women? And do I really need to 'submit' to my husband or 'protect' the guys in Church from lusting after my body?...

The hot topic of feminism has been well documented and debated in mainstream media and yet, as Christians we come to the conversation from a slightly different vantage point. For starters, we have the benefit of a personal relationship with our creator plus the ultimate handbook in the Bible to work out what is right and just when it comes to equality.

So why do many Christians feel the Bible presents a barrier rather than a boost when it comes to championing equality between the sexes?

In Notes on Feminism, Lauren Windle draws upon her years as a journalist to weave together different voices on a topic that countless are wrestling with, but few are brave enough to probe and poke for fear of what we might find.

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