Walk In My Shoes

Stories of Miraculous Transformation

Mick Fleming

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


The sequel to Blown Away, the bestselling autobiography of Pastor Mick Fleming.

A brilliantly talented storyteller, Pastor Mick vividly relates stories of reconciliation, forgiveness and healing in the lives of people he's encountered, some of whom first appeared in his autobiography, Blown Away.

Mick had no idea that many of those from his deeply troubled and violent past would be so miraculously touched by the grace of God - several through Mick's own future ministry. Fellow patients on the psychiatric ward, gangster mates, friends he made at AA, policemen he abhorred, estranged members of his own family . . . these are just a few of the people who feature in Walk In My Shoes.

Related to the twelve-step recovery programme and written from a number of perspectives, this is the kind of book Mick was searching for (and failed to find) when he was researching his dissertation on addiction and recovery. A message of hope builds through each chapter, painful, confessional and sad as many of the stories are. This is not a celebration of quick fixes: it is a book that walks with those who are suffering, those in recovery, those seeking to understand them and those who recognize, as Mick does, that 'the supernatural is just normal; it's the timing that makes it miraculous'.

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