Kidfixer Baby Book

An Easy-to-Use Guide to Your Baby's First Year

Dr. Stuart Altman

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Ratgeber / Gesundheit


IF BABIES CAME WITH A USERS MANUALTHIS WOULD BE IT!Here is a lifeline of reliable, reassuring information for those busy days and often sleepless nights from pregnancy through the first year. This trouble shooting, sanity-saving book covers more than five hundred topicseverything from allergies to zoster (commonly known as shingles)and is filled with warm, comforting advice from an experienced pediatrician and father of two.Wondering about those little bumps or spots? Worried that your baby sleeps or eats too much (or too little)? Coping with colic? Concerned about teething? Confused about car seats, medications, vaccinations? Designed to console even the most stressed-out parents during the always challenging first twelve months, this essential guide includes Guidelines for a healthy pregnancy (tip: limit fish and avoid peanut butter)and what supplies to have on hand when baby arrives Advice on choosing a pediatrician: three vital questions for the prenatal interview The advantages (and disadvantages) of breast- and bottle-feeding, as well as time-tested tips on feeding schedules Hints for getting through the nightand avoiding ineffective bedtime rituals, including the Sneaky and Buddy approaches Crucial facts about shots, screening tests, and immunizations (yes, kids still do get whooping cough) At-your-fingertips information on common illnesses, fevers, when to call the doctor, and what to do in an emergency Special advice for working moms, single parents, adoptive parents, and parents of twins, triplets, and preemiesPlushandy checklists, growth charts, eye-catching diagrams, Myths and Truths about baby care, and Kidfixer FAQsreal questions from parents and Dr. Altmans helpful advice

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