Gentleman's Guide to Life

What Every Guy Should Know About Living Large, Loving Well, Feeling Strong, and Looking Good

Steve Friedman

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Whether you're a sensitive, bookish type or a beer-guzzling Cyber-jock--or just an average guy--The Gentleman's Guide to Life is a perfect and indispensable primer on looking, living, and feeling good, answering all your questions about clothes, career, fitness, love, and lust.How do I move up without selling out?How do I help my friends (and crush my enemies)?How do I feed and care for my boss?What kind of suit should I wear?What kind of shoes do I wear with the suit? Socks?Do I really need to take my vitamins?Is this impotence or lack of interest?How much sleep do I need?How can I bluff my way through a wine list?What is Cubism? How much should I tip?What CDs should I have to relax? To seduce?Do I like her? Do I really, really like her?What does she mean I don't listen?How do I propose (or ask for the ring back)?Am I the best man I can possibly be?

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