For the City

Proclaiming and Living Out the Gospel

Darrin Patrick, Matt Carter

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Sachbuch / Religion: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


What makes a healthy church? Specifically, what defines a successful church in heavily populated, richly diverse areas? This book will: Explore what it means to be a church for the city God has called you to engage.Help you learn from past success stories as well as past mistakes in urban ministry.Guide you in developing a philosophy of ministry that can lead to restoration and renewal in your city.According to the United States Census Bureau, over 80% of the population lives in urban areas. Churches in or near cities have to work hard to minister effectively to a diverse group of people, welcoming those of different backgrounds, engaging both the poor and marginalized as well as the wealthy and influential.Church-planters Matt Carter and Darrin Patrick explain the biblical, theological, and historical foundations of ministry within the urban core and how to plant churches where the gospel is faithfully shared and brings substantial benefits to those living in the community.For the City relates the wisdom gleaned from years of serving their cities for the sake of God's kingdom. Carter and Patrick practically equip church leaders and Christians to look at their city as a mission field where individuals and churches can faithfully proclaim the gospel and live out the reality of a community changed and transformed by its message.

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