Mechanisms in Bioenergetics

Giovanni Azzone (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Physik, Astronomie


Mechanisms in Bioenergetics covers the proceedings of the eighth conference on "e;"e;Mechanisms in Bioenergetics"e;"e; held in Pugnochiuso, Italy on May 1-4, 1972. This book is organized into three parts, encompassing 43 chapters that discuss bioenergetics in mitochondria, chloroplasts, chromatophores, and bacterial protoplast membranes. It summarizes the structure and dynamics of energy-transducing membranes, molecular basis of membrane transport, and energy coupling mechanisms. The first part of the book describes various aspects of structure and dynamics of energy transducing membranes. This includes their chemiosmotic coupling, reflection coefficients, structural transformation, redox properties, and circular dichroism studies. This is followed by considerable chapters discussing chemiosmotic theory of transport and metabolism, ion channel phosphorylation paths in cell membrane, and kinetics of metabolite anion uptake in mitochondria. Other topics covered are mitochondrial Ca2+-binding glycoprotein and sucrose-dependent sugar transport across artificial lipid membranes. This book also looks into the enzyme interaction in mitochondrial membrane. It also discusses the relation of hydrogen uptake to electron flow in photosynthetic bacteria and purine nucleotides and fatty acids in energy coupling. The concluding section deals with the mechanisms of energy coupling, including mechanism of respiration-driven proton, role of mitochondrial energy transfer factors, and energy in mitochondrial respiration. The behavior of cytochromes b and c of pigeon heart and in the energized mitochondrial membrane is also described. Finally, this book considers the effect of adenosine-containing compounds competitively inhibiting the mitochondrial transhydrogenase reaction. Researchers and students who are interested in bioenergetics and energy-transducing membranes will benefit from this book.

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