Study Guide for Structure & Function of the Body - E-Book

Linda Swisher

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Master essential anatomy and physiology concepts, processes, and terms! Corresponding to the chapters in Thibodeau and Patton's Structure & Function of the Body, 14th Edition, this study guide reviews major A&P concepts and provides a variety of exercises for you to enhance your understanding and apply your knowledge. It also includes anatomy drawings to help you learn anatomical structures and terminology. A comprehensive review ensures that you understand the textbook's core concepts and essential content. Application Questions promote critical thinking, asking you to apply information to the real world. Crossword puzzles and word finds help you master new vocabulary terms. Diagrams and labeling exercises reinforce your understanding of the location of body structures. Matching and multiple-choice questions along with fill-in-the-blank exercises aid in understanding anatomy and physiology concepts. Did You Know features offer fun A&P facts. Check Your Knowledge sections let you assess your comprehension of chapter material. Answers to exercises are located at the end of the study guide, along with textbook-page references. Updated content reflects material in the Structure & Function of the Body textbook, including concepts, processes, and terms. Updated illustrations depict anatomy even more clearly. NEW Unscramble the Words exercises are added to help you learn new vocabulary terms.

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