Practical Pediatric Imaging, An Issue of Radiologic Clinics of North America

Edward Y Lee

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Medizinische Fachberufe


This issue of Radiologic Clinics of North America focuses on Practical Pediatric Imaging, and is edited by Dr. Edward Lee. Articles will include: Practical Imaging Approach to Traumatic Brain Injuries in Children; Pediatric Thoracic Normal Variants: What Should Radiologists Need to Know?; Respiratory Distress in Neonates: Underlying Etiologies and Imaging Assessment; Child with Cough and Fever: Up to Date Imaging Evaluation and Management; Thoracic Neoplasms in Children: Contemporary Perspectives and Imaging Assessment; Cardiovascular Malformations in Children: Current Indications, Techniques, and Imaging Findings; Neonatal Gastrointestinal Emergencies: Step-by-Step Approach; Pediatric Abdominal Neoplasms: An Overview and Update; Musculoskeletal Traumatic Injuries in Children: Characteristic Imaging Findings; Practical Imaging Evaluation of Foreign Bodies in Children: What Is New?; Syndromic Disorders Associated with Pediatric Tumors: Spectrum of Diseases and Imaging Findings; Practical Indication-Based Pediatric Nuclear Medicine Studies: Update and Review; and more!