Foundations of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Bioscience

A User Friendly Guide for IT Professionals, Healthcare Providers, Researchers, and Clinicians

Louis J. Catania

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


Foundational Handbook of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Bioscience: A User Friendly Guide for IT Professionals, Healthcare Providers, Researchers, and Clinicians uses color-coded illustrations to explain AI from its basics to modern technologies. Other sections cover extensive, current literature research and citations regarding AI's role in the business and clinical aspects of health care. The book provides readers with a unique opportunity to appreciate AI technology in practical terms, understand its applications, and realize its profound influence on the clinical and business aspects of health care. Artificial Intelligence is a disruptive technology that is having a profound and growing influence on the business of health care as well as medical diagnosis, treatment, research and clinical delivery. The AI relationships in health care are complex, but understandable, especially when discussed and developed from their foundational elements through to their practical applications in health care. Provides an illustrated, foundational guide and comprehensive descriptions of what Artificial Intelligence is and how it functions Integrates a comprehensive discussion of AI applications in the business of health care Presents in-depth clinical and AI-related discussions on diagnostic medicine, therapeutic medicine, and prevalent disease categories with an emphasis on immunology and genetics, the two categories most influenced by AI Includes comprehensive coverage of a variety of AI treatment applications, including medical/pharmaceutical care, nursing care, stem cell therapies, robotics, and 10 common disease categories with AI applications

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