Properties and Functionalization of Graphene

A Computational Chemistry Approach

Dinadayalane Tandabany (Hrsg.), Frank Hagelberg (Hrsg.)

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Elsevier Science img Link Publisher

Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


Properties and Functionalization of Graphene: Computational Chemistry Approaches, Volume 21 shows how computational chemistry can be used to explore molecular interactions when modeling and manipulating graphene's properties for varied applications. Sections compare results and experimental evidence, cover the experimental techniques employed in the functionalization of graphene and associated challenges, and delve into the properties of functionalized graphene. Under the guidance of its expert editor, this book shares insights from a global team of specialists, making it an authoritative, practical guide for all those studying, developing or applying graphene across a whole range of fields. Provides practical insights into the latest computational approaches used in modeling the properties of functionalized graphene Includes detailed methods and step-by-step guidance on key processes that are supported throughout with examples Highlights the electronic properties of functionalized graphene

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