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Malachi, Ripley's Awakening

Joe Morelion III

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Belletristik / Fantasy


She felt the energy start to swell in her as she recited the words. She continued speaking louder all the while focusing on only the branch. She whispered to herself as she stared at it, nothing was going to stop her this time. She was more determined than ever and wouldn’t take her eyes off the branch for any reason. There was only the branch she said to herself once again. She continued to speak the words saying them louder and louder each time as her self-confidence continued to grow. She could feel the sensation waking inside her as she commanded it to come forth. The power started to well up again in her, eager to do its master’s biding as she continued to recite the words. She closed her eyes and felt the pounding in her head once again and pictured only the branch in her mind. She quickly opened her eyes, extended her hand out the full length of her arm and screamed. “Sol an a tar eninen!!”…the gift answered!

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