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Lt. Reilly and the Black Bird Offensive

Matthew .O Duncan

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Sci-fi / Military Sci-fi - Fans of old school sci-fi will enjoy this book. It is full of action, space battles, star-ship and fighter combat, mysteries, conspiracies, and even little romantic complications. Told in the first person, Lt. Jack Reilly takes the reader along with him as he uncovers a plot to pull the Alliance into a new war and his life becomes even more complicated. Set about 300 years in the future, Earth is part of an Alliance of worlds and has recently concluded a 20-year, bloody and costly war against the Serkin. Reilly thought his career in the fleet was over after being injured and discharge shortly before the end of the war. But he now finds himself back in the fleet as an investigator tasked with cleaning up the corruption from within. What he discovers will send him and Major Mitchell on a chase for the truth and back into the crossfire.

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