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That Girl

Andréa Hardaway

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


People often reminisce about their first kiss, first date, or even their first love; however, college junior Natasha Lincoln begins a fall semester as a transfer student hoping to have those first experiences for herself. As she grows accustomed to attending a new school, she must deal with the temptations and pressures that plague most young adults’ minds: partying, school work, romantic relationships, and a career. In the midst of it all, Natasha also struggles with staying true to her morals and faith in God. Eventually, the trials and tribulations she faces her sophomore year will not compare to the blessings God has for her years down the road. Even though she is not popular or considered an “it girl,” Natasha still dons the persona of that girl that people often overlook, but in the end, God rewards her for her faithfulness and love for Him.

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