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Hypoxia and the Circulation

Robert Roach (Hrsg.), Peter Hackett (Hrsg.), Peter D. Wagner (Hrsg.)

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Just one of a series of volumes on differing aspects of hypoxia, this authoritative text focuses on cutting-edge research at the interface of hypoxia and biomedicine. Hypoxia – or lack of oxygen – is a constant threat to the human body and its vital organs, one that can take its toll in a number of situations. There are many situations in which the threat is heightened in health and disease, but mechanisms have evolved to lessen its detrimental effects. The International Hypoxia Symposia was founded to enable scientists, clinicians, physiologists, immunologists, mountaineers and other interested individuals to share their experiences of the situations associated with the lack of oxygen and the adaptations that allow us to survive.

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skeletal muscle, International Society of Mountain Medicine, Flow, hypoxia, biomedicine, physiology