Romanticism: Poems

April Bernard

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


"In Romanticism, the untrammeled Romantic in us struggles for expression in Art. The winner-no question-is the reader."—New Haven Review

Romanticism explores and challenges the central ideas of high Romanticism: the tragedy and gallantry of the individual’s life journey, the appeal of revolution and violence, the beckoning forces of Nature, and the estrangement from but constant longing for God. Here is a powerful argument for the primacy of strong emotion.

      So I offered a bargain:
     All of it, the books, the papers,
     and whatever is still brewing in my teapot head—
     All of this, I said, I will surrender
     if only I may have
     the home that I have seen in his face.
     The answer came at once: No.
     What lies you tell, and call them love.
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