Secure Treatment Outcomes

The Care Careers of Very Difficult Adolescents

Michael Little, Roger Bullock, Spencer Millham, et al.

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First published in 1998, this volume recognises that, despite the plethora of benign welfare approaches to troubled and troublesome adolescents, a small proportion find themselves locked up. Who are they, why is it thought necessary to contain them and what effect does it have? This Dartington study tries to answer these questions by scrutinising the lives of 204 young people admitted to long-stay secure treatment units. It charts their experiences from their point of entry until two years after they leave. It also looks at equally difficult youngsters whose behaviour is dealt with in other ways. With such a varied group, it is difficult to be categorical about the value of security but, by employing a 'career' perspective that takes account of the interaction between life routes and process, the relationship between young people's background characteristics, treatment and subsequent experience becomes clear. In fact, the research found considerable predictability amid the apparent chaos, a feature that should help practitioners and managers to fashion more effective approaches.