Rethinking Student Belonging in Higher Education

From Bourdieu to Borderlands

Kate Carruthers Thomas

ca. 23,68
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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


Arguing for an understanding of belonging in higher education as relational, complex and negotiated, particularly in reference to non-traditional students, Rethinking Student Belonging in Higher Education counters prevailing assumptions for what it means to belong and how institutional policy is shaped and implemented around traditional students. Bringing theoretical insights into institutional areas of policy and practice, this book: considers what it means to belong as a non-traditional student in a higher education environment designed for traditional students; presents the argument for belonging in line with theoretical insights of Bourdieu, Brah and Massey; illustrates belonging through case studies drawn from empirical research; and presents the argument for a borderland analysis of belonging in higher education, identifying key features and advantages of this theoretical framework. Reframing belonging within a neo-liberal, marketised higher education sector, Rethinking Student Belonging in Higher Education is a topical and accessible point of reference for any academic in the field of higher education policy and practice, as well as those involved in ensuring widening participation, equality, diversity, inclusion and fair access.

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