Sexual Citizenship and Disability

Understanding Sexual Support in Policy, Practice and Theory

Julia Bahner

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sozialwissenschaften allgemein


What does 'sexual citizenship' mean in practice for people with mobility impairmentswho may need professional support to engage in sexual activity?The book explores this subject through empirical investigation based oncase studies conducted in four countries - Sweden, England, Australia and theNetherlands - and develops the abstract notion of 'sexual citizenship' to makeit practically relevant to disabled people, professionals in disability services andpolicy-makers.Through a cross-national approach, it demonstrates the variability of howsexual rights are understood and their culturally specific nature. It also showshow the personal is indeed political: states' different policy approaches changethe outcomes for disabled people in terms of support to explore and express theirsexualities.By proposing a model of sexual facilitation that can be used in policy development,to better cater to disabled service users' needs as well as furthering thetheoretical understanding of sexual rights and sexual citizenship, this book willbe of interest to professionals in disability services and policy-makers as well asacademics and students working in the following subject areas: Disability Studies,Sociology, Social Policy, Sexuality Studies/Sexology, Social Work, Nursing,Occupational Therapy and Public Health.

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