Surface Inspection Techniques

Using the Integration of Innovative Machine Vision and Modelling Techniques

M. L. Smith

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


This book brings together novel concepts in machine vision,computer graphics, and threedimensional modelling, in solving realpractical inspection problems. Automated inspection ofthree-dimensional shape and the analysis of both two- andthree-dimensional surface defects and texture patterns, representsone of the most challenging and rapidly developing applications for machine visiontoday. CONTENTS INCLUDE: * Introduction * Automated surface inspection * An alternative surface description * Photoclinometry * Reconstruction of acquired surface details * Experimental work * Analysis of surface defects * Example case study applications to industrial machine visionsurface inspection * Overview of a generic inspection system. System Inspection Techniques will appeal to practisingengineers and scientists. As well as undergraduate and postgraduatestudents, offering a better understanding of the theory andpractical application of image processing and computer graphics in surface inspection tasks. Manufacturingengineers and inspection system developers, quality engineers, andanyone requiring an insight into the complex issues involved inautomated surface inspection will find this book useful.

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