Nursing Support for Families of Dying Patients

Rosemary McIntyre

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Pflege


When a patient has an advanced disease, considerable demands areplaced on the whole family. Whilst coping with their own profoundemotions, close relatives commonly have to support their loved onesthrough a range of treatments as the disease progresses throughstages of remission and recurrence, until finally, a shift to apalliative mode of treatment must be faced. In such situations,family roles and relationships are likely to be disrupted andfamily members? coping resources can be stretched to the limit. Itis clear from this that by the time the terminal stage of thepatient?s illness is reached, the family may have travelled a longand difficult road, and close relatives are likely to beemotionally vulnerable and in need of support.This study exploresthe needs of relatives of terminally ill patients and the concernsof nurses who provide care in the hospital. The research data isused to design, implement and evaluate clinical standards forimproved family support.



Krankenpflege, Nursing, Pflege