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Infectious Diseases of Wild Birds

Nancy J. Thomas (Hrsg.), Carter T. Atkinson (Hrsg.), D. Bruce Hunter (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Veterinärmedizin


Free-living birds encounter multiple health hazards brought on byviruses, bacteria, and fungi, some which in turn can significantlyimpact other animal populations and human health. Newly emergingdiseases and new zoonotic forms of older diseases have broughtincreased global attention to the health of wild bird populations.Recognition and management of these diseases is a high priority forall those involved with wildlife. Infectious Diseases of Wild Birds provides biologists,wildlife managers, wildlife and veterinary health professionals andstudents with the most comprehensive reference on infectious viral,bacterial and fungal diseases affecting wild birds. Bringingtogether contributions from an international team of experts, thebook offers the most complete information on these diseases, theirhistory, causative agents, significance and population impact.Focusing on more than just treatment, special emphasis is given todisease processes, recognition and epidemiology.


Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery
"In this age of multiple emerging diseases, the presentationsin this book are helpful and even necessary for avian practitionersto become informed about these diseases.... If you are looking foran excellent, 1-volume reference about the many infectious diseasesseen in wild birds, with good discussions of the implications forwildlife populations and implications for domestic animal and humanhealth, I would highly recommend this book.... This is a veryreadable and excellent reference volume for all veterinariansworking with wildlife." Journal of Avian Medicineand Surgery "Each chapter is an excellent first point of reference andportal to the literature on its subject. A number of chaptersarguably are the definitive review of relatively well knowndiseases of wild birds, or of others that have emerged recently.Ensure that it is in your institutional library...It is acomprehensive and authoritative source of one-stop shopping forinformation in the field, and it should be for years tocome." Journal of Wildlife Diseases "Desperately needed text...the book provides excellentdetail in all areas. Other excellent resources concerningdiseases of freeranging avian species are available, but noneprovide as much comprehensive, detailed information about the broadrange of infectious diseases affecting all types of wild birds. Itis an excellent overview of what is currently known about thesubject. It will prove to be an invaluable reference for veterinarypathologists who have a general interest in diseases of wild birds.In general, anyone concerned with the diseases of free-rangingavian species should have this text at hand." VeterinaryPathology "The book is well organized, well referenced and thoroughin its coverage of the subject matter. There are quite a fewinformative charts, graphs and tables as well as photographs ofgross and microscopic lesions and clinical signs. I found a numberof unique chapters particularly fascinating.... Indispensable toanyone in the field of wildlife management, conservation andwildlife biology and diseases." Exotic DVMMagazine "Any pathologists working with diseases of free-ranging birdswill find it useful...Editors have included very detailedindex. All the chapters provide excellent and valuableinformation." Quarterly Review of Biology "Any pathologists working with diseases of free-ranging birds willfind it useful...Editors have included very detailed index. Allthe chapters provide excellent and valuable information." Quarterly Review of Biology <!--end--> "Desperately needed text...the editors...provide amore in-depth and comprehensive providesexcellent detail in all areas...any pathologists working withdiseases will find it useful." Veterinary Pathology "Ensure that it is in your institutionallibrary...comprehensive and authoritative source...forinformation in the field, and it should be for years tocome." Journal of Wildlife Diseases "An excellent ... reference about ... infectiousdiseases seen in wild birds, with good discussion of theimplications for wildlife ... I highly recommend."
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