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Horse Stable and Riding Arena Design

Eileen Fabian Wheeler

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Whether you are a veterinarian consulting on how to maintain theintegrity of the grain and water in the horse'e newly-built stall;or the agricultural engineer who has been asked to design a newstate-of-the-art equine shelter; or an animal scientist or horseowner who simply wants the latest, safest, and most up-to-dateinformation on manure management - this book will fulfill yourneeds! This handy, user-friendly guide answers some of the toughestquestions about equine shelters. Covering everything from preferredbuilding materials such as lighting to flooring in thehorse's primary shelter to design and management of a riding arena,this practical reference will guide the reader every step of theway. This practical reference is filled with clear, user-friendlydesign illustrations and information on ventilation, manuremanagement, fence planning, fire safety, feed storage, beddingrequirements, dust control systems, and a myriad of detailedinformation designed for the comfort, safety, and health of yourhorse in areas where cold weather is a factor.

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