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Global Livestock Health Policy

Challenges, Opportunties and Strategies for Effective Action

Robert F. Kahrs

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Global Livestock Health Policy is designed to provide anunderstanding of the complexities of national and subnationalanimal and public health policies and how those policies impactdomestic livestock industries. These policies shape domesticdisease control programs, international trade, and food safetyefforts. This book offers public policy makers and animal healthofficials in government and industry a foundation on which toinstitute scientifically sound national and subnational animalhealth programs; solidify infrastructures; enhance communicationbetween legislators, regulators, and affected parties; and expediteinternational agreements for safe worldwide movement of animals andanimal products in a global free market economy. Organized in eight free standing chapters which include casestudies, a glossary and an epilogue, this arrangement leads readersprogressively through the events and decisions underlying thepresent US and global animal health policy status, lays outchallenges facing the US and other nations, describes thecomponents of a credible and competitive animal healthinfrastructure, and puts forward strategies for achieving policiesthat are adaptable to global and domestic dynamics while addressingthe multiple issues and interests bearing on animal health, animalwelfare, and food safety. The case studies contain backgroundinformation and questions for group discussions. The book is intended for use by animal health officials;agribusiness leaders; commodity groups; financial institutions;legislators and their staffs; importers and exporters of animals,animal products, biologics and pharmaceuticals; leadership of theregulatory, academic and diagnostic sectors of the agricultural andveterinary communities; consumers; or anyone else interested inprotection, production, processing, and distribution of animals andrelated products.

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