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Mushrooms as Functional Foods

Peter C. Cheung (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Landwirtschaft, Gartenbau


Food scientists will dig into this robust reference onmushrooms Mushrooms as Functional Foods is a compendium of current researchon the chemistry and biology, nutritional and medicinal value, andthe use of mushrooms in the modern functional foods industry.Topics covered range from the agricultural production of mushroomsto the use of molecular biological techniques like functionalgenomics; from nutritional values of newly cultivated mushroomspecies to the multifunctional effects of the unconventional formof mushroom (sclerotium); from the physiological benefits andpharmacological properties of bioactive components in mushrooms tothe regulation of their use as functional foods and dietarysupplements in different parts of the world. With contributionsfrom leading experts worldwide, this comprehensive reference: * Reviews trends in mushroom use and research, with extensiveinformation on emerging species * Includes coverage of cultivation, physiology, and genetics * Highlights applications in functional foods and medicinaluse * Covers worldwide regulations and safety issues of mushrooms infunctional foods and dietary supplements * Discusses the classification, identification, and commercialcollection of newly cultivated mushroom species * Features a color insert with photographs of different types ofmushrooms This is an integrated, single-source reference for undergraduatesmajoring in food science and nutrition, postgraduates, andprofessional food scientists and technologists working in thefunctional food area, and medical and health science professionalsinterested in alternative medicines and natural food therapies.


(Microbiology Today, May 2009)
"This well-edited hardcover is an authoritative guide for mushroom biologists, and caters to a range of experts in diverse fields of medicine and horticulture from a nutritional viewpoint. The topics covered in the book's six chapters will speak volumes to researchers and students alike."
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