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Private Equity

History, Governance, and Operations

Adam A. Wadecki, Harry Cendrowski, Louis W. Petro, et al.

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Praise for Private Equity "Private Equity: History, Governance, and Operations isan invaluable guide to understanding the world of private equityinvesting. Harry Cendrowski and his colleagues have drawn on theirextensive experience and expertise to produce a book that isremarkably comprehensive and authoritative." --Robert Larson, Chairman, Lazard Real Estate PartnersLLC and Larson Realty Group Managing Director, Lazard AlternativeInvestments "Private Equity: History, Governance, and Operations isan essential text for any business/finance professional's library.Applicable to both seasoned private equity gurus and students ofthe industry, its in-depth analysis of 'Best Practices' is wellresearched and clearly written." --William Campbell, Managing Director, W.Y. Campbell& Company "This is an interesting and very well-written book. It not onlyclearly describes the history and techniques of private equityinvesting, it also provides a thorough examination of the rarelyappreciated relationships among internal control design andoperation, corporate governance and sound investmentdecision-making and management. It is an important contribution tothe literature of finance." --Barry Epstein, PhD, CPA, Partner, Russell Novak &Company, LLP, and author of Wiley GAAP 2008, The Handbookof Accounting and Auditing, and Wiley IFRS 2008 "Harry Cendrowski really hits a homerun with his newest bookabout the private equity (PE) industry. A definitive, authoritativetext on the subject, it answered all my questions, plus some, andgave me a complete frame of reference where I now feel wellinformed on PE. I would recommend this book to anyone connected tothe PE industry, business advisors, academics, and businessowners." --Parnell Black, MBA, CPA, CVA, Chief ExecutiveOfficer, National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts(NACVA) "The timing could not be better to learn more about the currentbest practices and governance in the world of private equity. Whatwas once an exclusive asset class reserved for the largest, mostsophisticated investors has now become a mainstream alternativeinvestment option for investors of all sizes. Still, many investorsdo not fully understand how the business works. Private Equity:History, Governance, and Operations endows its readers with anA-to-Z education on this emerging asset class, irrespective oftheir previous experiences." --Maribeth S. Rahe, President and Chief ExecutiveOfficer, Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. & FortWashington Capital Partners "As a private equity practitioner in the financial servicesspace, I found this book to be a comprehensive-andcomprehendible-resource covering all relevant aspects of thebusiness of private equity. This book provides valuable 'how-to's'for improving the likelihood of having successful portfoliocompanies, with successful exits. Furthermore, both veteran andprospective PE investors now have a resource available to help themscreen PE opportunities that best fit with their risk and returnobjectives." --Scott B. McCallum, Principal, Resource FinancialInstitutions Group, Inc. "For years, private equity has been a misunderstood asset class.Harry Cendrowski's book defines private equity in clear, conciseterms. Anyone in the financial world will benefit from theinsights, guidelines, and experiences detailed in PrivateEquity: History, Governance, and Operations." --Bob Clone, Senior Portfolio Manager, AlternativeInvestments Division, Michigan Department of Treasury


(Journal of Accountancy, April 1st, 2009)
"This comprehensive guide provides insight into a once-exclusiveform of investing that is now an integral part of the worldeconomy, with a focus on venture capital financing and buyouttransactions."
(Legal InformationAlert, January 2009)
"This book would be valuable to a widely varied audience. Bothprospective and seasoned PE investors, PE professionals, studentsof business and finance, and general readers would learn much fromthe different modules of this work."
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