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The Intelligent Portfolio

Practical Wisdom on Personal Investing from Financial Engines

Christopher L. Jones

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The Intelligent Portfolio draws upon the extensive insights of Financial Engines--a leading provider of investment advisory and management services founded by Nobel Prize-winning economist William F. Sharpe--to reveal the time-tested institutional investing techniques that you can use to help improve your investment performance. Throughout these pages, Financial Engines' CIO, Christopher Jones, uses state-of-the-art simulation and optimization methods to demonstrate the often-surprising results of applying modern financial economics to personal investment decisions.


--The Star-Telegram
"The irreverence [Jones] displays toward history as a predictor forinvestment is one of dozens of viewpoints that fly in the face ofconventional portfolio-building wisdom."
"A very comprehensive book which covers risk versus rewards,past performance versus future expected returns, market timingversus long term investing, and investing in individual stocksversus investing in mutual funds. He also discussesdiversification, fees and expenses, and the tax consequences ofinvesting. All of his recommendations are backed up with extensiveresearch and presented in an easy-to-understandmanner."
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