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Drive Business Performance

Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution

Bruno Aziza, Joey Fitts

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


This groundbreaking guide provides a deep understanding of how to achieve enterprise performance management objectives, backed up by first-hand accounts from Fortune 500 companies who are winning by building accountability, intelligence, and informed decision-making into their organizational DNA. Drive Business Performance explains the competitive advantage experienced by organizations that create and manage a "Culture of Performance."


(, July 2008)
"This book is about improving performance management within anorganization by enhancing business intelligence wherebyorganizational objectives, the analysis of trends, the ability toforecast, and to plan winning strategies, works toward the commongoal of success. It does reveal various methodologies at work inthe Fortune 500 companies that have adopted them."
(, May 22, 2008)
"Their perspective is that of veteran solution developers, andtheir goal is to translate their experience into practical,jargon-free, actionable advice for leaders who want to get a gripon their organization's performance. The result is a handbook ofperformance management strategy and tactics that offers some freshinsights as well as the promised road map to success."



Unternehmenstechnologie, Wirtschaft u. Management, Business & Management, Business Technology