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Visual Basic 2008 For Dummies

Bill Sempf

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Visual Basic is a favorite programming language, so if you'renew to programming, it's a great place to start. VisualBasic 2008 For Dummies is the fun and easy way to begincreating applications right away while you get the hang of usingthe Visual Studio environment. Soon you'll be building allsorts of useful stuff with VB 2008! This step-by-step guide walks you through a logical series oftasks that build your skills as you get comfortable with .Netterminology, theory, tools, and design principles. You'lllearn how to build an application in four different architecturalstyles, and you'll find out how to make your programsvalidate input and output, make decisions, and protect themselvesfrom security threats. Discover how to: * Install the Visual Studio environment * Write a VB program * Use Web forms, Windows forms, and Web services * Establish good programming practices * Create class libraries * Write secure applications * Debug your applications * Work with strings and "if-then" statements * Iterate with counted and nested loops * Pass arguments and get return values * Access data with VB.NET * Work with the file system using VB You'll also find great tips for working with the VB userinterface, using VB.NET in C# programming, troubleshooting your VBprograms, taking your programming to the next level, and more! Onceyou get your hands on Visual Basic 2008 For Dummies,you'll be programming like a genius in no time!



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