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Practicing Narrative Mediation

Loosening the Grip of Conflict

Gerald D. Monk, John Winslade

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Betriebswirtschaft


Practicing Narrative Mediation provides mediationpractitioners with practical narrative approaches that can beapplied to a wide variety of conflictresolution situations. Written by John Winslade and GeraldMonk--leaders in the narrative therapy movement--the bookcontains suggestions and illustrative examples for applying theproven narrative technique when working with restorativeconferencing and mediation in organizations, schools, health care,divorce cases, employer and employee problems, and civil andinternational conflicts. Practicing Narrative Mediation alsoexplores the most recent research available on discursivepositioning and exposes the influence of the moment-to-momentfactors that are playing out in conflict situations. The authorsinclude new concepts derived from narrative family work such as"absent but implicit," "double listening," and "outsider-witnesspractices."

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