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Reverse Mentoring

How Young Leaders Can Transform the Church and Why We Should Let Them

Earl Creps

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Earl Creps is known for his work in connecting the youngergeneration of postmoderns with their Boomer predecessors. Theauthor of Off-Road Disciplines, Creps, in this new book,takes up the topic of how older church leaders can learn fromyounger leaders who are more conversant with culture, technology,and social context. In addition to making the benefits of what hecalls "reverse mentoring" apparent, he also makes it accessible byoffering practical steps to implement this discipline at bothpersonal and organizational levels, particularly in communication,evangelism, and leadership. Creps' new book is a topic of interest both inside and outsidethe church as older leaders realize that they're not "getting it"when it comes to technologies (iPod, IM, blogging) or culturalissues such as the fact that younger people see the world in anentirely different way. Creps has been personally involved inreverse mentoring for several years and has spoken and written onthe subject extensively. He has pastored three churches (oneBoomer, one Builder, on X'er) and is currently a church planter inBerkeley, California. He has also served as a consultant and and aseminary professor and administrator, holding a PhD inCommunication Studies and a D.Min. from the Assemblies of GodTheological Seminary.


- The Living Church (January 2009)
"Full of timely examples that can help keep ministry fresh andrelevant."
--Gary R. Collins, PhD,School of Psychology and Counseling, Regent University
"I enjoyed reading Earl Creps' Off RoadDisciplines, but I was enthralled by ReverseMentoring....Through these extremely personal and detailedstories Creps gives the reader a window into the emerging worldwith all of its new language, technology, music, and quirkiness."-Easum-Bandy"Earl Creps is a superb communicator with the passion, courage, andvulnerability to hang out with younger people who mentor himenthusiastically. This book is a refreshing, innovative perspectivethat all other mentoring books miss."
--John Ortberg, Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church andAuthor
"This book will help satisfy a deep hunger for wisdom andguidance."
--Reggie McNeal, author The Present Future
"The world has ended about four times. It happens every timethere is an information revolution. New technologies and processesfor handling information make the old world obsolete, quickly. Whenthis happens an unusual dynamic asserts itself. Younglings mentorthe elders into the way of the new world. Earl Creps calls ourattention to this phenomenon in our own day. The richness of lifesharing that is established in reverse mentoring is a largelyunexplored, but promising green edge to the Christian movement. LetEarl show you how to get in on this development."
--Aubrey Malphurs, Lead Navigator-The Malphurs Group andSenior Professor-Dallas Seminary
"Unfortunately for Christ's church, those of us who've beenaround for awhile in positions of leadership find it difficult tolisten to those who haven't, but represent the next generation ofthe church. What could they ever teach us? No question-thisprevalent attitude is much to our disadvantage as we lose touchwith the future of Christ's church. So how can we learn to be quietfor once and listen? And why should we founts of wisdom evenconsider it? Earl Creps provides us with a compelling answer inreverse mentoring. This is a must read for all generations who loveChrist's church."
--Bill Hull, Author of Jesus Christ Disciple Maker,The Disciple Making Pastor, The Disciple MakingChurch
"And I thought I was cool, that I had put the "hip" back indiscipleship. But after experiencing Reverse Mentoring, I havediscovered it was an "artificial hip." It reminded me of how muchyounger leaders have helped me, it motivated me to get down toStarbucks or wherever I can spend some time with them."
--Jeff Lucas, author, speaker, broadcaster
"Yikes. We've been nattering on about apprenticeship andformation forever, but we've often studiously ignored some of ourbest teachers. Brilliantly incisive, and yet Monday-morningpractical, this warm, vital book might just nudge the church into along-overdue revolution."
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