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The Integrity Dividend

Leading by the Power of Your Word

Tony Simons

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Management


Corporate and government scandals continue to deepen our mistrustof leaders. While credibility is the foundation of effectiveleadership, most leaders struggle, and sometimes fail, to aligntheir words and their actions. Now for the first time, leadershipexpert Tony Simons has measured the bottom-line value of businessleaders who live by their word and actually do what they say theyare going to do. In The Integrity Dividend, Tony Simonsshows how leaders? personal integrity drives the profitability andoverall success of their organization. This groundbreaking book isbased in on solid research and reveals that businesses led bymanagers of higher integrity enjoy deeper employee commitment,lower turnover, superior customer service, and substantially higherprofitability. This improved performance is the integritydividend. Simons conducted dozens of focus groups, surveyed thousands ofemployees, collected financial and operational numbers, andinterviewed over 100 senior executives and executive coaches. Thebook lays out the research clearly and provides proven tools formanaging common integrity challenges. It offers guidance forbuilding individual credibility and for creating an organizationalculture of integrity and accountability. Throughout, Simons usesreal-world insight and stories drawn from senior executives, linemanagers, and coaches. The Integrity Dividend is a fresh view of leadership at atime when it is most needed.


--Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 best selling author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There
"The Integrity Dividend is an exceptional work on a fundamental and oft-misunderstood subject in today's global business environment."
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