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A Fast Track to Structured Finance Modeling, Monitoring, and Valuation

Jump Start VBA

William Preinitz

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This book is designed to start with simple examples thatprogressively develop the reader's confidence to take on morecomplex tasks. There is very little theoretical discussion aboutcomputer science, operations research algorithms, mathematics, orfinance. The thrust of the book is to teach the reader to breakcomplex tasks down into simple tasks. It then looks to implementthose simple tasks into VBA code using a critical subset of thefeatures of the language. The tentative contents is: (1) Why? What? Who? Where? and How?(2) Common Sense (3) Securitizing A Loan Portfolio (4)Understanding the Excel Waterfall (5) Designing the VBA Model (6)Laying the Model Groundwork (7) Recorded Macros: A First Look atthe VBA Language (8) Writing Menus: An Introduction to Data,Ranges, Arrays, and Objects (9) Controlling the Flow of the Model(10) Building Messaging Capabilities (11) Designing theModel's Reports (12) Main Program and Menus (13) Writing theCollateral Selection Code (14) Calculating the Cash Flows (15)Running the Waterfall: Producing Initial Results (16) Debugging theModel (17) Validating the Model (18) Running the Model (19)Building Additional Capabilities (20) Documentation of the Model(21) Managing the Growth of the Model (22) Building PortfolioMonitoring Model (23) Valuation Techniques: How do we DeterminePrice? (24) Challenging Times For the Deal (25) PartingAdmonitions

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